DASQUA 0-150MM/0-6″ Vernier Electronic Digital Caliper

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DASQUA 0-150MM/0-6″ Vernier Electronic Digital Caliper


Elevate Your Precision: Dasqua 0-150mm/0-6″ Digital Caliper – Unparalleled Accuracy for Enhanced Performance!

Achieve Unrivaled Precision: Remarkable parallelism up to 0.015″, a remarkable 20% enhancement over standard models, ensuring top-notch accuracy in every measurement.

Precision Redefined: Experience superior accuracy with the incorporation of special glass etching, setting a new standard for reliable measurements that you can trust.

Seamless Movement: The meticulously ground surfaces of the beam guarantee smooth and fluid movement, providing you with a measurement experience like never before.

Multiple Measurement Options: Enjoy the convenience of inch, metric, and fractional measurement choices, giving you the versatility you need for various projects.

Quality Assurance: Complies with DIN 862 standards, reaffirming its exceptional build and accuracy.

Unmistakable Resolution: With a resolution of 0.01mm/0.0005″, you can capture even the tiniest measurements with confidence and precision.

Ready for Action: Presented in a tailored case, this caliper is always ready for secure storage and easy transport.

Elevate your measuring game with the Dasqua 0-150mm/0-6″ Digital Caliper, where precision meets innovation. Unlock enhanced accuracy and performance for all your projects. Order yours today!”


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in


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